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Karaoke Player
Karaoke Player for Windows RT and Windows 8
Plays MP3+G Karaoke files in the popular ZIP format in Windows 8 and Windows RT and Microsoft Surface tablet. Available from Microsoft Store.

Product details

- Plays Karaoke songs in MP3+G Zip format.
- Apply an Echo effect.
- Apply a vocal cancellation for multiplex Karaoke songs.
- Plays karaoke songs without the need for an internet connection.
$4.99 from the Microsoft Store.
Trial version is limited to playing only the first 30 seconds of each song.
January 8, 2012: Third release submitted for certification. This release adds a start screen with a browse button and a most recently used file list with thumbnails. The top bat back button is used to return to the start screen to choose another song. It also adds a convenient settings button that will allow you to quickly open the settings charm to apply the echo or vocal cancellation effect.
January 2, 2012: Second release available from the Windows Store.
December 29, 2012: Second release submitted for certification. This release enables echo effect and vocal cancellation on x64. The next release will have a most recent played songs list with thumbnails.
December 26, 2012: First release available on the Microsoft Windows Store. The echo and vocal cancellation effects are enabled on x86 and ARM platforms.
Future updates will include
Pitch shifting, library database and search. Other possibilities include volume leveling, song ratings, play-to network devices, singers and play lists, favorites lists, and support for super CD+G DVD disks, graphic equalizer. 

How do I use Karaoke Player?
  • First you need to copy one or more compatible Karaoke songs to your My Documents library. I use "My Documents\Karaoke". I put the songs I like in the "Mark" subfolder and my wife's songs in another folder. You can set up any directory/folder structure you want to use to organize your Karaoke songs.
  • Next, open the Karoke Player app. Click the Browse button. The file picker will appear. Browse to your Karoke song and open it. The song should start playing immediately.
  • After a few seconds the playback command bar will hide itself. When the song completes, the playback bar will appear again and allow you to play the song again or select another song to play.
  • At any time during playback, you can tap (or click) on the Karaoke song's display windows to make the playback bar appear for a few seconds so that you can access the play/pause or stop button to control playback, or to access the back button to select a different song.
  • The echo and vocal cancellation controls are accessed via the Settings link in the Charm bar, or by clicking the settings button in the playback controls bar. Changing any audio effect during playback will have a short delay, about 3 seconds (less for faster processors), before you will hear the effect added or removed from the song as it plays.


What format of Karaoke songs is compatible with Karaoke Player?
My app plays Karaoke songs in digital format that are packaged in ZIP files. Each ZIP file contains a CDG file and an MP3 file. This is called the MP3+G format. You should copy your Karaoke songs to your My Documents folder or other folder accessible from the app. It is not advised to put the Karaoke songs in the Music folder because most general purpose music players are not able to show the graphics data synchronized to the song.
Where can I get Karaoke songs?
There are many places on the internet to purchase Karaoke songs in MP3+G format. I recommend supporting the people that invented the MP3+G format, Tricerasoft, and purchasing your songs there. However, my app should work fine with MP3+G format songs from any vendor.
Is there a sample Karaoke song that I can try for free?
I don't publish Karaoke songs, but Tricerasoft does and they have a sample available for free download.
Does Karaoke Player support Multiplex* songs?
Yes! This is a special format that puts guide vocals on one channel, usually the left channel. Karaoke Player will play those Karaoke songs. To cancel the vocals you need to open the Charm Bar > Settings to turn on Vocal Elimination and select the channel you want to hear.
If you have any other questions or suggestions, or need further support, please contact me.

(in progress) as new questions arrise, I will be compiling the FAQ crom the actual frequently asked questions.

Special thanks to Joel for being the first person to rate and review my app.