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On Screen Keyboard

Do you need an onscreen keyboard in your project? Are you frustrated with the usability of the default Windows On Screen Keyboard program? Well, I have the solution!


What it IS

This on screen keyboard component automates the built-in Windows OSK.EXE application so that it can appear in conjuction with any Windows Forms Control in your application. It has been tested for use with Windows XP and Windows VIsta.  \



  • It automates the built-in Windows On Screen Keyboard OSK.EXE application so it allows your application to support any keyboard layout supported by Windows OSK.
  • The on screen keybaord appears as a tool window rather than an application, so it looks like it is built into your application.
  • It is implemented as a control extender to it can be set to appear for any Windows Forms control in your form that you choose.
  • The control extender can easily be disabled to shut off the on screen keybaord to all extended controls.
  • Whether or not the keyboard appears, it's screen size and it's location can be set per control so that keyboard will appear only when the controls you choose have the focus.
  • The keyboards per-control location can be relative to the control with focus or relative to the controls parent control.
    The keyboards per-control location can also be set relative to the Windows main screen coordinates so that you can, for example, position the on screen keyboard at the bottom of the screen.
  • C# and VB source code is included to demonstrate it's use.
  • Targets .NET Framework 2.0 for compatibility with Visual Studio 2005 & 2008.
  • It's very small. DLL is only 20 KB (plus 26 KB for a very large integer math library that is also included).
  • It's freely redistributable!


What it is NOT

It is not a self contained skinnable managed on-screen keyboard. It and does not use Tablet PC features or require the installation of Tablet PC version of Windows.




On Screen Keyboard appearing to the right of the active control


On Screen Keyboard appearing beneath the active control