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Super Tool Tip

Do you want a super tool tip like those in Microsoft Office 2007 in your project? Are you frustrated that the built-in ToolTip control doesn't provide any way to know when the ToolTip window closes? Well, I have the solution!


What it IS

This tool tip control is modelled to look as closely as possible like the Microsoft Office 2007 Super Tool Tip. Provide it multi-line text and graphcs to give your project a professional look. Allow users to press F1 while it's visible to enable context sensitive help. The new PopupClosed event in conjunction with the normal Popup event can be used to provide audio notification of the appearance AND CLOSURE of the tool tip. VB sample source code is provided which demonstrates it's use.



  • It's implemented as an inherited System.Windows.Forms.Tooltip control so it's easy to add to existing projects.
  • It's LOCALIZABLE! The title text, help line text and image, and body text and image are all localizable.
  • VB source code to demonstrate it's use.
  • Targets .NET Framework 2.0 for compatibility with Visual Studio 2005 & 2008.
  • It's very small. DLL is only 20 KB (plus 26 KB for a very large integer math library that is also included).
  • It's freely redistributable!


What it is NOT This is not a web or HTML style formatted tooltip. All features are implemented as properties or control extender properties, so you can be sure it's simple to use in your projects.



Super Tool Tip Help File


$10.00 USD

Tool Tip with Title, Text, Graphic and Help line


Tool Tip with Title, Text and Help line


Tool Tip with Title and Text


Tool Tip with Text and Help line

Price $10.00 USD (Free for a limited time to prior purchasers of my Data Connection Dialog control. Just contact me and I'll send it to you.)